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Five out of Ten is a magazine for people who love videogames and demand the best in independent writing.
We are unique, inclusive, and fair to our writers. We don't publish reviews, rushed-out thinkpieces or reheated press releases – just the best in long-form features.

We've published hundreds of unique, exceptional features since our inception in 2012: a trip to the last rhythm game tournament in the world; a decade-long battle with an impossible strategy game; an insight into what Hitman can teach us about 'going stealth' in the real world; a reflection on being lost in a JRPG dungeon, in an article that was itself a hand-drawn maze.

Our past contributors include Leigh Alexander, Samantha Allen, Becky Chambers, Christian Donlan, Tom Hatfield, Soha Kareem, Brendan Keogh, Cameron Kunzelman,  Maddy Myers, Elizabeth Simins, Ed Smith, Zoya Street, and Carli Velocci, and we hope to feature more voices – old and new – in the years to come.

Traditional publishing is weighted towards the publisher, at the expense of a magazine's contributors. There's a better way than this: we want to pay our writers as much as we can, while ensuring they retain copyright over their work.

Now we want everyone to enjoy our magazine - even those who can't afford it. Help us make a home for the best in independent videogame writing.

Funded by our Patreon backers: Future, Luck, and Nature


We've been working on Five out of Ten since 2012. We love making every issue, and we think that love comes across on every page. But it's difficult to sell writing in an era when most is available 'for free' (read: ad-supported). It's hard for you to share your favourite articles, and it's hard for us to make something that only a few people can read. 

We founded Five out of Ten on the principle that videogame culture was worth writing about, and good writing was worth paying for. But what if we could pay our writers and let everyone enjoy the magazine, even if they can't afford to pay for it? Wouldn't that be even better? We're a small outlet and can't sustain ourselves through advertising; we need wonderful people like you to support our work.

With your help, we can reach our fundraising target and create a sustainable income for our talented writers and artists. At first, Patreon backers will get a free download of every new issue, but we hope that soon everyone will be able to enjoy Five out of Ten for free, regardless of patronage.

Also funded by our Patreon backers: Control, Identity, and Year Three

What's the Goal?

Our goal is to make Five out of Ten sustainable and worthwhile by reaching a target of $2000 per issue. We have decades of combined experience as an editorial and design team: this is a realistic target that gives our writers a fair return on their work.

Five out of Ten backers are supporting the magazine, not subscribing to it. Our ultimate goal is to make the magazine free for everyone. 

$2000 may sound like a lot of money - because it is - and we want to be transparent about where your money is going. It breaks down as follows:

55% - contributors
5%   - cover artist
20% - editors (5% x 4)
10% - site hosting and development
10% - Patreon and Paypal fees

We pay our contributors a cut of each issue's earnings, not a set wage. We've worked this way from day one: it's honest and fair. The more we can raise, the more will go directly to our writers. Anything you can pledge will help!
$141 of $1,000 per issue
A sustainable future for Five out of Ten.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts

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