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Biscuit Reynolds is my special needs Persian cat. He's a rescue from Helping Persian Cats and can use all the support he can get. He has Hyperasthesia (a chronic pain condition on his skin, for which he gets frequent haircuts and daily pain medication) and a host of other ailments managed by a prescription cat food, CBD.

He loves to munch grass, listen to birds and go for walks. I post on his instagram regularly and post an exclusive video here on Patreon once a month. (And I take requests for content that will bring you joy!) 

Thank you so much for your help to support this magical little creature.

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About Bevin

Hi, I'm Bevin! A childhood of bullying about my weight kept me off the dance floor. When I found the Body Liberation movement, the idea that all bodies are worthy of love exactly as they are, I finally felt free. I have been reclaiming dance floors and teaching people how to love the bodies they are in ever since. I think everyone, thin, fat and in between is affected by body negativity and we can all use healing. I'm a certified aerobics instructor, Reiki Master Healer, passionate tea drinker and very spiritual. I'm excited to partner with you to create some very special magic together!

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