Flagons & Dragons has paused their campaign. Patrons will not be charged on July 1st, 2018

All billing will resume on August 1st, 2018.

Learn more about why a creator paused their creator page here

Flagons & Dragons is creating actual play podcasts.

Flotsam & Jetsum

$1 /mo
You'll have access to Flotsam & Jetsum, a monthly compilation of all the things that hit the cutting room floor, such as the catch-up before an episode, the asides, and other banter th...

Flagons & Dragons

$5 /mo
Now you have access to our primary podcast, Flagons & Dragons, in which you can follow our band of heroes on their adventurers. You may also join our Discord server and chat with us an...

Maps & Sheets

$10 /mo
Access to the Gamma Force Campaign Guide, a PDF to which new content is continually being added. 

This includes locations, NPC's, monsters, gear and more so you can run your own 80's inspired in...