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About Michael Z.M.

Hello, I'm Michael Z. M. from www.flagsoft.com which provides height quality software for a world-wide user base.
I've been creating Software since I was about 12. I started because I like it and it's fun!
And now I love to share even more information and produce more software to people that enjoy it.

SDspeed is one of my most used free software utility world wide for Mac and still free. I like to have such tools free of charge for a wide user group - I'm happy if you can support it.

What it is
  • Maintain existing Software for Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Maintain existing Software for iOS like iPhone, iPad, etc.
  • Create new software for Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Support flagsoft.com, hosting, and maintenance
  • Support and update my site and give good support for everyone
I just want to continue doing what I'm doing now.

So thanks to all of my supporters. Thank you all of you. It's much appreciated.

Best regards
Michael (MZM)

PS: Check my site www.flagsoft.com !