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About Flash Fiction Online

Flash fiction is tough. Wrangling an entire story into a thousand words? That's like trying to stuff a greased elephant into a shoebox with your bare hands. So for those authors who can write flash fiction and do it well, we at Flash Fiction Online are dedicated not only to publishing their work but to paying the professional rates they deserve.

The tricky part is that Flash Fiction Online is and will continue to be a free magazine. Our primary monetary support comes from the ebook sales and your generous support. Thankfully flash fiction is far cheaper to pay for by word than oh, say, a hundred thousand word novel. But that's still money that comes out of my pocket (and my pocket is sadly empty right now). I would love to make Flash Fiction bigger and better -- to add another story a month or perhaps commission an anthology.

But that requires your help.

A one-time donation is appreciated. Heck, an anytime gift is a cause for celebration around here! But those bills roll in every month. Patreon's support is continuous, giving Flash Fiction Online the financial stability for today and tomorrow.

If you don't have the funds to support Flash Fiction Online right now, that's okay. Nothing is going to rocket out of the screen and buzz you in the noggin (I promise. Patreon hasn't figured out how to do that yet...). Spreading the word about our Patreon campaign is great. We'll send you love and invisible sparkles of gratitude through the ether.

All my best,
Anna Yeatts
Flash Fiction Online

$500 - reached! per issue

I won't lie. The vlog setup could use a little TLC. At $500, for the sake of your eyes, I'm going to invest in a photographer's lighting kit.
At the moment, I might be using my 13-year-old daughter's pink multi-headed lamp from Target that looks like the Hydra on acid. 
Yeah. There's some room for improvement.
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