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What would the warranty on a sex robot looks like? Could an evil mega corporation put up so many wind turbines they actually change the climate? Will there ever be a black market for celebrity fecal transplants? What would it be like if we all went faceblind? Could we ever read each others minds? What would happen if California actually tried to succeed? How bad would it really be if we killed all the mosquitos on Earth? Why don't we live underwater? If reading this paragraph made you go "wow I'd love to support a podcast that tries to answer those questions!" you're in the right place! 

Why become a Patron? By supporting the show, you're keeping a 100% indie show alive. Flash Forward has been a completely independent podcast for over four years. That means I don't have a network supporting me, selling my ads, or promoting me. On top of that, Flash Forward is (currently) a solo operation. I research, interview, cut, voice, produce and edit everything all by myself. While I do sell ads, the ad-sales market for podcasts can be volatile. (You can hear more about the behind the scenes of Flash Forward finances on this episode.)

The show is incredibly rewarding to make — and I truly believe it's important, too. I'm trying to shift the conversation about the future away from the same topics and the same experts you hear over and over. But I can only do this work with your support.

The future is going to be weirder, more complicated, and more surprising than we can even imagine. Let's get ready for it together.

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