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A small way to support what I already provide for free! 

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Attend a monthly stream and help suggest critters and concepts for subject matter!

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Have a concept you really want me to tackle? During our monthly patreon stream, your request will be in the highest priority pool!

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About Woods

Howdy! I’m Woods, a 22 year old comic and concept artist working out of NC. Character design is a passion of mine, and I spend a lot of time creating concepts for monsters (mythological or otherwise), stories, and a wide array of work. All that stuff and more is viewable on my tumblr and deviantart!

Why Patreon?
I always want to provide my concepts to the world for free. Still, I can't get around financial needs, which takes time away from creating content. Patreon will hopefully fill in the gaps that commissions do now, and instead of working for private clientele, allow me to spend more time making stuff for you!

The reward tiers reflect this goal. I've taken lots of prompts from fans before, but now that right will be largely reserved for those who are willing to support me. My work won't be behind a paywall, but you can help participate in the creative process by pledging!

1$ - Tip Jar
Just want to toss a little thanks my way? Well, thank you! A small way to support, this tier is just for folks who aren't particularly interested in having a hand in my subject matter, but want to help anyway.

2$ - Sketch Buddies
Here's where it starts to get fun! Each month, I'll host an art livestream. Anyone in this tier may attend and suggest subject matter that I'll draw (at least, I'll draw as much as I can, time permitting)!

5$ - Concept Club
Got a concept you really want me to take a crack at? Each month, patrons at this level may suggest a concept (or concepts) they'd like to see my take on, and I'll give that highest priority during the livestream. Also includes previous reward tiers.

Please note: This tier is not for suggesting your own characters/worlds or fanart for me to work on. Concepts should be more about ideas for creatures or characters--general suggestions like 'grey aliens', 'cute zombies', 'unique horror vampires' are good, and detailed suggestions like 'a clown that always appears behind you, and no matter how fast you turn around you can't see it' are also great. Be creative!

10$ - Pen Pals
You wanna know who loves mail? ME. I LOVE MAIL. I love sending letters to people, and pledging at this level will mean I'll send you a postcard with a fun random doodle on it once a month! You'll also receive all the benefits of the previous tiers!

20$ - Doodle Buds
Basically first crack at commissions from me, even when I wouldn't do them otherwise! This allows you one colored sketch for every month you pledge. But since you order through Patreon, you also get the voting + suggestion benefits that the 2$ and 5$ tiers get!  It'll look something like the below examples:


Why do all your rewards say you'll work on sketches the following month? Why not this month?

Patreon has this unfortunate feature where people can pledge at the beginning of the month, collect their reward, and then un-pledge--so the money goes back to them, leaving the artist with nothing! Yikes. Collecting prompts for the following month not only helps me organize my sketches, but it makes sure that only people who followed through on their pledges get rewarded.

What if I pledge one month, and unsubscribe the next month? 
You'll still receive the rewards for the month you paid, don't worry!

What if I'm a Pen Pal, and I change my address?
You need to send me the address change the month before you actually get the reward, i.e. the month you pay for it! Otherwise, I can't guarantee that it'll make it to the right place.
$40.94 of $100 per month
Sketch Raffle
Every single patron will be entered in a monthly sketch raffle! Patrons at the 10$+ level who win will automatically be upgraded to a lined and colored drawing.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 61 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 61 exclusive posts

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