Flexstyle is creating <ON HIATUS FROM PATREON>

$1 /creation
Thanks for supporting my music! Every little bit helps, and you've just given me the power to get one step closer to world domination.

$5 /creation
$5 per release? You're generous; thanks a ton! If you want to hear 'em, I'll give you access to a special feed where I post works in progress before they're ever uploaded here. You might even hear ...

$10 /creation
$10 per release? Wow! I'll do a Google Hangout or Skype session of some sort once a month with everyone who has put in this reward. We'll talk as a group about music, video games, life, or whatever.

$60 /creation
For $60 per release (and by the way, you're insanely cool), I'd love to give you some of my time and expertise, if you'll have it. At this level, I'll do a private hour-long Skype or Google Hangout...