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A $3 sub gets you access to the exclusive Flight Club Discord!
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Trajectory Designer

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Trajectory Designers get ALL THE PRIVILEGES when creating simulations:
  • Use webcast data to train PID controllers
  • Run simulations with up to 60 seconds of CPU time
  • Overlay webcast data on simulation results (where applicable)
  • Customize core details of simulations
  • Save your work on simulations to come back and work on them later
  • Unlock the Starlink widget
  • Unlock the Yeet Calculator widget
  • Get access to any more features related to building simulations as I add them...
Trajectory Designers also get access to all lower tier rewards.
Includes Discord benefits

Rocket Hunter

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Rocket Hunter is the first of three Launch Viewing tiers. As a Rocket Hunter, you will be able to
  • View a 3D recreation of a real rocket launch, and
  • Set the camera in your exact location to see how the launch will appear for you!
This includes access to detailed readouts such as azimuth and elevation values for each portion of flight, as well as being able to generate Launch Visibility maps. Perfect for knowing exactly if, where, and when to look when you're hunting rockets!
Includes Discord benefits



About Declan Murphy

Dia dhaoibh, a chairde!

My name is Declan, and I am the creator of Flight Club! If you've made it this far, then you've probably already used the app. So thank you and I hope you like it :)

I've been building Flight Club since 2014 in my own spare time. Initially, it served the purpose of helping me to gain proficiency in various technologies, programming languages, frameworks and to familiarise myself with orbital dynamics, while simultaneously helping online communities visualise different launch and landing trajectories.

Since then, Flight Club has grown into a sophisticated web application being used by thousands of people around the world for visualisations, simulations & mission planning, launch vehicle design, trajectory predictions of upcoming missions, and is even appearing in the mainstream media through outlets such as The Economist, The Washington Post, and USA Today.

In early 2019, I quit my day job and I moved to a location with a significantly lower cost of living so that I could work full time on Flight Club and live entirely off of what I earn on Patreon. Now that I have more time to dedicate to this project, expect to see:
  • Automated Design of Flight Profiles
  • Continued Improvements to the Photographer's Toolkit
  • Earth-Moon and Earth-Mars systems
  • Cross-platform Mobile Apps
  • Augmented Reality for Viewing Trajectories
Additionally some tiers will unlock features for you in the app itself, such as the ability to save missions you're working on, access to the Photographer's Toolkit, or more compute power to run simulations longer than just 1 orbit.

I really need your help to continue to make this happen. I am pouring my soul into this project and my soul and I will be eternally grateful if you are to support me and support Flight Club on this journey of development.

Thank you, and happy simulating :)

42% complete
This is the bare minimum income which will allow me to continue to work on Flight Club full-time when I return to Ireland in 2022. If I don't reach this goal, I will have to seek a full-time employment and Flight Club will unfortunately only get my attention on the evenings and weekends :( I really don't want this to happen!
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