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We here at Flipsider Entertainment count ourselves incredibly lucky that people, like you, have found joy from our silly videos.  We are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality and consistency of our content; and your involvement could help us do that in a big way.  Whether it be investing in higher quality equipment, hiring actors, or renting out locations; your donations would go a long way to helping our channel grow and reach out to even more Flipsiders around the world.  

Our content will always be free for you guys, but this is a way for you to directly effect the growth and content across our channels.

There are also videos that we create that we are not able to monetize in any way.  For example, the majority of our "Dinos React" and "If Dinosaurs in _ Could Talk" have been demonetized due to copyright issues.  Your donations here would allow us to continue creating these videos without having to worry about these issues. 

Whether or not you choose to donate, thank you all so much for the support.

- Jacob Connell
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When we reach our goal of 50 Sponsors, Rexy will come out of retirement and will cook a meal of YOUR choice in a new episode of "Cooking With Rexy"!
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