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is creating podcasts for Seattle Seahawks football fans
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About Brandan and Adam

Our goal is to inform, entertain and provide Seattle Seahawks fans with a show that will continue to build on the community of fans worldwide. We want to do more, we want to do better, and we want more listeners involved with the show. 

Previous donations have gone toward paying our monthly hosting fees for the podcast; publishing apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Kindle; upgrading the website; offering giveaways in our pick'em league; and doing a little bit of advertising and create promotional items to help bring awareness of the show among Seahawks fans. Thanks to everyone who listens for all the incredible support. GO HAWKS!!
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Adam and Brandan will post a video of the two of them dancing to Techno Thursday music while wearing short shorts and visors with a man bun. Because, apparently, you asked for it.
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