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I'm started making youtube videos for the fun of it, I never really cared about monetizing videos, but recently I started a lot of further education that is absolutely needed for my future, but this costs money.

I'm currently working part time in a tanning studio, then there is a lot of time put into courses and private tutoring, the rest of the time I usually play games, mainly Realm of the Mad God.

Now that nice and great youtube is tagging videos as "not advertiser friendly" for little to no reason I have a harder time to pay stuff.

Since a while already I'm barely able to drink something with friends anymore, neither can I buy anything for me personally anymore. I still feel bad about making a patreon as I want to make it as "free" as possible for all of my viewers. But I have a hard time right now.

I love making videos, not for me but for my subs, but the only way I am able to upload more is with more free time, time that I will have to give up.
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100€ enables me to get 8 hours of private tutoring, that's 2 weeks for 1 tutor.
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