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We started making VR videos 8 years ago, long before the so-called VR boom and the age of VR headsets - for our first 360° video camera we had to carry around a desktop computer with a car battery everywhere to handle the enormous amount of recorded data !
Despite these early inconveniences, wherever we travelled during those years on holiday or work, we always tried to find the time to make beautiful VR videos. It started merely as a hobby, and to be honest, we always believed it was way cooler than taking plain pictures…
Later we became more organized and made our research before our travels: our goal was to find special spots with some kind of significance wherever we went. These places don’t have to be famous , they don’t need to be strictly about nature or urban life - but one thing is certain: these are spots one could easily stop by for hours and be amazed by the simple, yet unique beauty all around! And this is exactly what Virtual Reality is for !

With such a VR library shot over the years, came the idea of FLO…

So what’s the vision here?

With FLO we do not want to strictly educate, entertain or give you touristic advice, nor do we want to save the planet - but in the same time we do want to educate a little, entertain a bit and give you some travelling hints, and you know what, we do feel obliged to raise awareness on sustainability.
See, our mission is two-folded: first, we want to virtually take you to these carefully selected destinations, so you can enjoy 60 seconds of peaceful escape from your demanding everydays. And once you’re there, why not learn something, or even change your mindset about some pressing issues? If FLO can fulfill any of the above, well, then we have achieved our goal.

Our world is mad and corrupt but mankind as a whole and our home planet is beautiful and full of true values. No one can see and experience all, but with FLO we believe we can take the first step together!

What we do with your money?

First of all, FLO will always be free for everyone and nothing will change that!

Look, we currently spend nothing but our own time and money to make these videos including research, development, travel, equipment, preparation, scripting, filming, image stitching, editing, post-production, voiceover and marketing.

We want to take it a few steps further by:
  • assembling a professional part-time mini-crew from a technician through a researcher/writer to a video editor.
  • purchasing specifically modified 360 filming equipment such as a drone or a camera slider in order to deliver more exciting content
  • being able to choose our filming locations based on relevance, not budget
  • raising a network of enthusiastic 360° videographers all around the world to bring even more colorful and interesting content every day! These people will get a submission fee for each approved film.

Last but not least: we have families and social duties, bills, tuition fees just like you guys do - so if we can make a decent living by working hard on what we believe in: that is the old-school american dream itself, isn’t it?

Okay, so how much?
We need $1000 per film. In time we will deliver films more regularly, but don’t worry: you can set a monthly limit for yourself - we won’t withdraw more than you set as a limit.
This amount is a pretty fair calculation, since each and every film requires tons of preparation, research and production - in terms of both time and money. Also, once we have fellow videographers submitting films, we will pay a submission fee for each film.

What we offer to our followers?
We deliver a minimum of 6 films each month as a start, and raise this number to 10-12 as soon as we can afford. Once we’ve established a number of partners worldwide who submit films, our goal is to deliver FLO films on a daily basis.

$0 of $250 per creation
This will cover our most basic post-production costs (e.g. voice narration), while we could also spend some change on online marketing.
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