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Hi! My name is Paweł Zadrożniak and I'm a computer geek, electronics enthusiast and software engineer from Poland.
I also create some fun electronic projects in my free time, such as The Floppotron - the mechanical orchestra consisting of obsolete computer equipment. I have a YouTube channel, where you can find dozens of music covers performed by this exceptional machine.

       ...but why?!         
The story began in 2011, when I created the first video with two floppy disk drives playing Imperial March. It was a fun and simple electronic project which took me a couple of hours to make and program. The short clip has unexpectedly became a viral video with over 5 million views and encouraged other enthusiasts to create their own floppy drive music machines.
Very happy with positive reception, I decided to go further and create a bigger machine for viewers to enjoy. That's how The Floppotron was born.

          What kind of music? How often?          
I pick the titles from various genres. 70's to 90's or modern music, pop or rock, film or even videogame music. Not every piece of music is reproducible with this device, however many songs sound really good.
I try to create an arrangement and record one cover every week, however I'm, not always able to find enough time as I work full-time.

          So... what's next? Why Patreon? What are the goals?         

I want to expand the project, build the better and bigger machine and create even more fun content! Currently I am working on the new, better, expandable and much more scalable Floppotron 3.0.
  • The donations will help me to get more old hardware and fabricate the required electronics (printed circuit boards, cables, connectors, etc).
  • As the machine expands, It will become too big (and too loud!) for me to keep it in my flat. I will need to rent some space at some point.
  • I am thinking of involving a video editor at some point. An editor could create much more visually attractive material than me, offload some of my work and give me more time to work on the machine/music itself.
  • Maybe a duplicate Floppotron as a jukebox for some museum? Who knows...

Thanks for your attention and whether you're a supporter or a regular watcher - enjoy and have a good time!


By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 45 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 45 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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