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Hello everyone! My name is Misa, and I'm twenty-six years old. I work as a freelance artist on DeviantART in my spare time to earn extra money to support myself and other artists. I am the creator of the Mothcats closed species on Mothcats.com (previously on DeviantART). 

My Story. I have been a part of the creative community since I was twelve years old. I started out drawing and creating stories for my characters on Neopets. Slowly, it developed to original characters on DeviantART and closed species. My creative passion is character design- giving characters backstories, designing the physical appearance of the characters themselves, and even building fictional worlds for these characters to live in. This has always been something that I excelled in. The reason I am here today is because of the love and support my friends gave me throughout the years. This is significant is because I grew up in a very strict household. My parents put an emphasis on studying and excelling in academic fields. While I expressed interest in art, my parents never allowed me to pursue it as more than a hobby. Grown up now, I see the same story all around me with the students I tutored and cared for. They all have interests that differ from what their parents desire, but their interests are cut short because their parents will not allow them to develop. 

My Mission. My main motivation for working the way I do now is to provide to the closed species community the love and support my friends gave me while growing up. Many of the community are younger users who don't know the bells and whistles of society yet. I want to create a community for them where they are able to practice, improve, and develop their artistic skills - while making friends and fond memories in the process. 

My Creative Outlet. What started out as a mere hobby when I was a child turned out to be something even greater than I ever imagined. With the creation of my closed species, Mothcats, I am able to serve my community and offer them the support they deserve - an inclusive safe haven for all developing artists who share a common interest. 

How You Can Help. All of the money I receive from my Patreon goes towards feeding myself and other artists. I am an avid supporter of the art community and am always commissioning other artists when I'm in the financial position to do so. For as little as $1 a month, you can help me help others in return. 

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