glitched puppet is creating Comics

$1 /mo
This is the tier I'll stick the music art higher res. Also any scraps for things I'm working on that aren't critical.

$3 /mo
View comic pages a day early, but sketch-only, w/o text... or any WIP stuff for upcoming pages.

$5 /mo
Comics will be posted a day early. Or a couple days early. Something like that!

$10 /mo
Relevant art to pages that have been posted. Usually includes some concepts.

$15 /mo
Receive SAI files of what I upload to the main site each month, as well as whatever other illustrations I post. Also hi-res scans of traditional art, too, if that happens to be what I'm doing for t...

$20 /mo
I'll post character concepts and scrapped ideas/upcoming character WIPs from each month. These probably won't be posted elsewhere, but may end up in a book later. (You'll also get everything from t...

$50 /mo
Painting of a Flora character each month, as well as previous tier rewards

$100 /mo
Receive a redesign of a character to fit Flora, or design of a new character to fit in with Flora species available. Receive a sheet of doodles each month for it if you've already got a character o...