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Sadly, you're not the best of the best yet. Don't worry though, we'll put you on our honorary wall of Azusa's slain slimes.
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Ah, you're finally moving up in life! You have your trusty rusty sword and a pair of subjugation quests at hand. Hey look! A treasure map! 
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Oh, how boring this life is. You gave up on the adventuring life for a bit of peace of mind. You're no longer risking your life for the sake of petty change, but you see many come and go who do. Oh well, on the bright side you've had a lot of time to read. 
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About Flowingcloud

Hello, I'm Flowingcloud from Yado Inn, Ebisu Translations, Kirara Scantasia and many other groups.

This Patreon is only used for accumulating funds for raws that I buy, mostly manga raws. A digital tankoubon (see Wikipedia for meaning) costs usually around $8-10. Physical magazines that I currently subscribe to cost around $85 a year each (a total of two magazines). I use the physical copies to give you the latest chapters as soon as possible instead of waiting for the tankoubon. 

Whether you donate or not WILL NOT affect my scanlation or translation speed. It's just nice to help split the costs. 

What I Translate(d)
Chevalire (Dropped, another translator is translating it)
Koisuru Asteroid
Mono (Indefinite translation hiatus)
Umiiro March

Noble Witches (Strike Witches franchise novel)
Remake Our Life (Indefinite translation hiatus)
The Girl Who Spits Up Jewels (Indefinite translation hiatus)
The Small Sage Will Try Her Best In The Different World From Lv.1!
While killing slimes for 300 years, I became the MAX level unknowingly (Dropped, Yen Press)

Keep Track of Where Your Money is Going
Starting April 2019, all of my spending of all money earned through this Patreon will be publicized. It is updated on the 10th of every month. 

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