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About Flügerl

Hey guys!

I'm Chris, also known as "Flügerl" and the creator of the same-named Youtube channel.
Since you are visiting my page here on Patreon, you most likely know that i produce short but information-dense guides for League of Legends champions.
If not, here is an example.

Now, as you may have noticed, i haven't and won't put ads before and during my guide videos. I think it would destroy the atmosphere i'm trying to create and ultimately would harm the viewing experience.

Therefore i think Patreon is a far more proper and elegant way to let you guys show me your interest and passion about my content. On top of that it allows to incorporate you in the creation process.

So for all those of you, who stand out, and want to support me financially: Patreon is for you!

Thank you so much and have a great day,
$20 of $20 per video
The Adobe Creative Cloud licence for students costs about 20$ per month. If we can make this it would be an awesome first step.
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