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Fluff babes are AMAZINGGGG! Though they are smol fluffs, they still help out and are hella supportive! UWU

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Fluffels are VERY supportive fluffs! Like thank you so much for even supporting me qwq You guys are the BEST!  

Being a fluffel, you will receive a headshot sketch of your choice along with joining my discord server with other patreons!

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Floofies- just- You guys are so generous! <3 thank you so so soooooo much! UwU

Floofies receive a head shot drawing of their choice, a fluff butt studios button (coming soon) and get to join my discord group chat  along with other patreons! 

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About Fluff Butt Studios

Hi there! June Bug the fluff noodle (ferret) here! 
I am always open for art commissions as wel as fursuit commissions. Everything ofcourse, MUST BE PAYED FIRST. 
Any patreons would make my day! I will cherish yall's support and try to keep up with posting often here! it mainly depends on how many patreons i get that i will be able to make merch and commisions for you guys to purchase and enjoy! And i am soo to be making a youtube channel so keep an eye out! Thank you.
love, June Bug.

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