fluffy is creating music and comics and games and stuff


$1 /mo
You can be my friend! For realsies.

Also you get backer-only super-secret updates and get to see comics and listen to songs and stuff as they're finished instead of having to wait for thei...


$3 /mo
PDFs of all my released comic collections, and sometimes early bonus sketches and stuff that normal patrons don't get.


$20 /mo
I'll record a custom voicemail message jingle thing for you. Want people to leave a message? Okay! Want people to take it to email? Okay! Want people to stand on their head and gargle water? Weird,...


$25 /mo
I will draw one of your favorite characters in my style once every month at this level (after they are collected).


$50 /mo
I will draw one of your favorite characters and attempt to do it in someone else's style instead. It will probably be charming yet terrible.


$100 /mo
I will make you a theme song, or a song or comic about you or some other topic that you want me to make a song or comic about.

Asexy Aromantic

$1,000 /mo
I will go out on a date with you somewhere in Seattle (you have to get here yourself if you aren't already in the area).