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I'm Joëlle, I am 37 years old, I live in Switzerland and I am creating YouTube videos. I mostly do videos about Lolita Fashion and Kawaii Lifestyle. And also sometime speak about the behind the scenes of running a small businesses, my lolita fashion brand Fluffy Tori. 

I decided to start a YouTube channel to share my passions with the world and hopefully inspiring people of pursuing their dreams. I want to share my message that “Everybody can be kawaii”. I do two videos a week on my FluffyKawaiiJo channel and I have 3 other channels where I sometimes post videos too. But one video each month on my main channel is Action Lolita. This new big series that I started. This takes up so much time, almost as long as all the other videos I edit in a month! I am kind of busy, considering that I still have two businesses to run on top of making videos. And so far, my channel is too small to make money from YouTube directly. 

Here's how much time I dedicate to each video:
~1-2 hours to film (including setting up the background, makeup, dressing up, preparing what I'll say and show)
~1-3 hours of editing for small videos, 5-10 hours for big videos, Action Lolita takes me 20-36 hours per video
~1-2 hour for upload, thumbnail, description, tags,..

This is very time consuming but I really love it and I got very positive feedback on my videos. So this is why I keep going. But this time is taken out of the time I could dedicate to my two businesses.

Here's a sample video of what I am creating:

I am extremely thankful of all the people who have been watching my videos and especially my patrons!

The money that YouTube pays the creators to make the videos comes from the ads they show the viewers in front of their videos. It really doesn't pay at all until you are very big and I don't like the fact to force the fans to watch ads instead of supporting the creator directly.

So that's why I have started a Patreon. To eventually earn a living creating videos and not having to rely on YouTube AdSense. So if you like my content, you can become a Patron and start being part of my Fluffy Community. But doing so, you will allow me to upgrade my equipment, create more ambitious videos and travel more to cover more great events for you!

No amount is too small, with just $1 per month you can get access to great perks.

By being part of my Fluffy Community, your feedback is very important to me. It's because of you that I can continue to make videos. So feel  free to tell me what I should improve, change or startr doing in my videos or here on Patreon!
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I will be able to pay an editor to edit about half of my simple videos so that I can allocate more time to work on Action Lolita and Normies.
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