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About Luke Jones

I'm a software engineer for Jasic Technology. When I'm not writing code for work, I'm working on various small projects.

If you use an ASUS Zephyrus laptop with Linux, you may be interested in the small application I'm developing to add missing functionality - asus-nb-ctrl. This application is primarily a daemon to enable missing fn+<key> hot keys, and keyboard LED control, with possible ASUS animatrix support coming.

I also work on:
- diir-doom, a small project to reimplement the Doom engine in Rust, keeping as close to OG code as possible
- persist-o-vec, a rust crate to create vectors that retain their place in memory
- tiled-json-rs, a rust crate to parse Tiled json to structures for use in games (or anywhere else)
- tiny-ecs, an ECS in rust aiming to be simple, and also has awful memory use so you shouldn't use it for anything major (use Legion or others)
- rog-core, as detailed above, and is the core project I focus on at the moment (obsoleted)
- asus-nb-ctrl, replaces rog-core

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