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Spread the love of Flux Photo by donating $1 or more per month and receive a free 5"x7" photo print of your choice once per year. Show it off in your office or at home. My way of saying thanks for supporting my work.

After your first month's pledge, head over to https://photos.fluxphoto.org , select your photo, and then let me know your selection choice. You'll receive your free print within 4-6 weeks.

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Want to send a little more love and receive the full-resolution digital image file? Then the Transformation tier is for you.

Supporters of $5 or more per month will get a one-time 5"x7" print of their choice plus the corresponding full resolution digital file of the image.

After your first month's pledge, head over to https://photos.fluxphoto.org, select your photo, and then let me know your selection choice. You'll receive your free print within 4-6 weeks and you'll receive a link to download your digital image file which you can use as a desktop wallpaper, or print your own styles of my images. Enjoy! :)

Suborbital Tourist
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Adventurous? Love a surprise? Want a fresh space or aviation print once per month? Then you're definitely a Suborbital Tourist tier member candidate! :)

Along with the benefits of the Transformation tier, donating $20 or more per month and you will receive a special signed print of a hand-selected image from https://photos.fluxphoto.org every month!

You'll also get special access to the #suborbital channel on the Flux Photo Discord server where you can chat with other like-minded fans about just about anything (please keep the chat clean).

Only 50 tourists can ride on this tier so get in quick!

(International customers should pledge an additional $10 USD to cover international shipping)

Includes Discord benefits




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I saw my first Space Shuttle launch with my Dad in 2010. Photography has always intrigued me and this event gave me a reason to buy my first DSLR. Since then I have been honored and blessed to get up close access to many unique photographic subjects. My day job as a computer engineer at large government space agency helps inspire me.

Lately I have been dabbling in video creation as well. Your support will help grow the Flux Labs YouTube channel as well.

Join me on my photo and video journey and please consider becoming a patron. If you'd like to support me but not monthly you can pledge as a patron one-time and then cancel your subscription. Also for one-time support please consider purchasing a print or other item available on https://photos.fluxphoto.org/

Thanks for stopping by and being a #spacegeek, #avgeek, or just a science fan. 

Flux :)
$1 of $500 per month
I'm just honored that you would have faith and enjoy my work enough to supplement my love of photography, space, and aviation. Thank you!

Each and every Patron will receive a signed 4x6 metallic print of an image (chosen by popular demand) on https://photos.fluxphoto.org/ when together we reach $500/month.
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