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Fly North Theatricals was founded on one principle:
 Theatre is a fundamental right.

But... short story: Theater is expensive. For us, obviously, but also for you, the audience. Your contribution not only helps FNT produce new works of musical theatre, it also helps make them accessible to everyone through our "Theatre For All" Initiative, our subsidized ticket program in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri and the Kranzberg Arts Foundation.

Here's the less-short story:

FNT was born out of necessity. Artistic director Colin Healy's first original musical, The Gringo, was selected to headline the 2018 St. Lou Fringe Festival. Healy and his best friend (now-managing director) Bradley Rohlf scrambled to form a start-up company, assemble an absurdly talented cast and crew, and put on the best show they could.

The Gringo went on to be the best-selling show in festival historyThey crowdfunded a cast album. This awoke Healy and Rohlf to the fact that St. Louis is a city that's hungry for new, high-quality theatre. 

Now, as a fully-fledged non-profit (501c3) theatre company, FNT wishes to add to STL's already-thriving theatre scene by producing at least one original work of musical theatre per season. However, there are two problems... one that's obvious and another that's also obvious but often overlooked.  

The obvious one: Theatre is expensive for creators.
The overlooked one: Theatre is expensive for the audience

25% of the residents of the City of St. Louis live below the poverty line - $25,750/year for a family of four. Just one "high-quality" musical can easily total that much.

It's an age old question: How do we reconcile expense with accessibility?  This is where you come in. 

Through our Patrons and partnerships with other local nonprofits, FNT's "Theatre for All" Initiative will provide fully subsidized tickets to individuals and families in need throughout the St. Louis region for which the theatre is cost-prohibitive. Being a booming theatre town, this is a very large intersection of the St. Louis community.

Why is this so important?
Theatre builds communities.

Theatre is made of stories that aren't yours. Other people's internal monologues performed to their own imaginary audiences in places you have never thought to go. At FNT, We believe that all theatre is community theatre because without a community, there is no theatre and without the stories a theatre tells, there is no community.

As of November 2019, we have a small-but-mighty Facebook following of about 500 people. If just half gave as much as a Netflix account ($12.99/month), we'd make our yearly production budget. (Seriously.)

Every contribution counts. Please consider supporting Fly North Theatricals in our effort to make new, high quality theatre and to make it accessible for everyone.

And thank you.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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