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I was born in Minnesota, grew up in Illinois, went to college in Michigan, and even worked for a little bit in Western Pennsylvania. It’s safe to say my true home just is the entire Midwest, and it’s a home I love.

What’s also true is that I worked as an Engineering Account Manager for several years. In this role I was required to travel all over the Midwest on a monthly bases, and – I also traveled through the South and North East as well. I love my entire country even if the Midwest is home.

That’s what made me want to make this channel actually… The fact that I have always loved ALL parts of this country. I love visiting New Orleans for Halloween, or Louisville during the Kentucky Derby. I find the stoic hills of Eastern Pennsylvania just as majestic as the deep hot forests of South Carolina. Oh, but the UP is the prettiest place I have ever seen – sorry alabaster plains. I loved the people in ALL of these places as well.

All corners of this country seem to be brimming with endless varieties of creative, hardworking, caring, and just interestingly complex people. And Yeah, they all certainly seem to have A LOT of opinions and political proclivities too, don’t they?

But you know what I haven’t found? Any flaming liberals refusing work, nor have I met these Nazi Trump supporters. I am guess the media is focusing on literally dozens of radicals on both sides when really they barely exist.
The truth is most people, no matter which state they live in, seem to have some reason for voting the way they vote (that’s not Nazism or Communism). The point of this channel is not to argue that Democrats or Republicans are bad, or even who happens to be “bad right now.” I want to give perspectives on possibly why people believe and act the way they do.

This is Flyover States, a Political Commentary Podcast.

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