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About FoohonPie

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to be here. :)

My name is Vince, also know as FoohonPie. I've been building and sharing things online since the mid-2000s.

I currently run a few different websites, including a space-themed military strategy game (, and a separate website and community for other developers who also build these types of games, and the players that play them (

These are free for the public, but they do cost money to build and operate, which is where your support here on Patreon comes into play.

Please feel free to explore my Patreon reward tiers to see what rewards are available, including rewards for our Discord chats. :)

More about Imperial Conflict

In August 2016, Imperial Conflict's previous admin and original creator agreed that a change in ownership was best for the game's future, and accepted my offer to purchase the rights to the game. After 16 years, it was clear that the game was dying due to lack of active development and admin attention. We went from tens of thousands of players at our height to a small fraction of that when I bought the game.

I've been working on improvements ever since. We've already come a long way since then, but we still have quite a way to go to bring the game up to the standards that players have come to expect.

More about

PBBG stands for Persistent Browser-Based Game. These were hugely popular in the mid/late 2000s but have since seen a sharp decline, leaving a group of dedicated enthusiasts who still care a great amount about the wider community.

Unfortunately, PBBGs now have a stigma attached to them, and for good reason. Although there are several strong examples of great games in our space, the vast majority suffer from a lack of development resources and guidance, and have aged poorly. is working to solve that problem by bringing visibility and accountability to our games, and forcing ourselves to look in the mirror and demand higher quality. As developers, we can help each other improve the experiences we offer. As players, we can help each other promote the games we love to bring in more players.

Together, we can reinvigorate the PBBG community and keep it alive. Better yet, we can bring it into a new era.

More about your Patreon support

Patreon is a service that allows you to pledge a recurring payment to creators.

For Imperial Conflict, that means we have an opportunity to support development costs without having to resort to pay-to-win schemes or other unpleasant methods that would compromise the integrity of the gameplay and experience.

For, donations allow us to spend more time providing development guides, offering marketing, promotional, and monetization advice, as well as facilitating partnerships with other developers, artists, and writers.

Every Patreon pledge that comes in will support development costs in terms of money but most importantly in terms of time. Very literally, your subscription translates into additional work that I can put into both communities.

Anything else?

THANK YOU for your support. It's a grind working on these things on top of holding a day job, and every subscriber goes a long way.

Thank you. I can't say that enough.
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