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About Foone Turing

Hi! I'm Foone, and I'm a collector of all sorts of weird old computer/electronic junk.
You may know me from GETTING RICKROLLED SO HARD IT ENDED UP ON NATIONAL TELEVISIONRANTING ABOUT HUMAN VISION SO HARD THAT ELON MUSK READ IT, or possibly my award-winning exhibit on the history of floppy disks?

I created and still maintain the (formerly Sierra) Death Generator, a tool for making fake video game dialogue screenshots. 

I like to find old obscure hardware/software systems, figure out how they work, and try to explain that to everyone. To that end I have a lot of weird old computers/disks that are in need of archival, reverse engineering, documentation, and amusing tweets & videos. My goal with this patreon is to help offset some of the costs of storing all the junk I haven't yet had time to get to, and give people a chance to give something back. 

I'm not yet set on any kind of schedule for videos, so don't come into this expecting I'm gonna keep up a nice even output schedule like a Lazy Game Reviews or Techmoan. Maybe someday, but I don't have the needed experience for that yet! I'm planning to continue tweeting about weird stuff as I get it and have time to take it apart, and videos will hopefully be picking up in frequency as time goes on.

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