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We read a lot of books. But with your support, we'll be able to read even more and make the show even better for you.

For the price of a used copy of Darren Huckerby's 2007 autobiography 'Hucks', every episode you'll have access to a bonus TWENTY MINUTES of Football Book Club action, packed with extra laughs, chat and we'll go into - frankly - a frightening amount more depth on that week's book.

In addition to this you'll receive your very own Football Book Club Book-Book-Bookmark to take pride of place in an autobiography of your choice. Plus you'll receive access to member-only online (for now) events where we can chat about Garry Monk for as long as you like, and you'll be able to shape the show and interact with us whenever you like with VIP polls and giveaways.

Finally, in between series, we'll record an extra-special, monthly, extended episode to keep you ticking over!
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  • Your very own Book-Book-Bookmark



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