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So aye, I do a bit of football carry-on on the ol Twitter (@FootballStewart). One club liked me and hired me but at the end of last season, I left to go back to the 9-5.

Normal comments section rules apply. Commit a crime with your typing mouth and I'll locate the FAQ and find out how to get rid of you.

Please do not buy a single thing if you cant afford it. I'm no worth it.

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Since most of the people who wanted this were Rangers fans, it probably makes sense to design a tier especially for Rangers.

Reviewing each Rangers game. Review of the match a couple days after. 

Every competitive game covered. Starting from 1st August vs Progrès Niederkorn away.

Any other Rangers articles included.

Likely no video as SPFL will hunt us down.

Will likely add to this tier if there's interest.

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