Michael and Shana Sims is creating Podcasts

$1 /creation
We will personally thank you on the air.

$15 /creation
By contributing this much per episode, you can request any movie for us to remake. Even ones we've said we'll never do.

$25 /creation
Though we've only remade a few television programs, you can change that be contributing at this tier.

$50 /creation
At this level, you can request a monthlong event (RE: two themed episodes) on For Better or Worse. 

$100 /creation
Want us to remake a franchise? Then this level's for you! (Please note: If the requested franchise has more than three movies, we will cover it at your request. However, we'll limit ourselves to wa...

$150 /creation
Since we were married on 11 June 2011, every 11 episodes we do something special on the program (e.g. a Christmas-ish double feature, a beloved television show). By contributing at this level, you'...