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Milestone Goals
Live shows
$300 per month
We'll stream our weekly shows as we record.  Hear what goes on behind the scenes!
Monthly Listener Feedback Shows
$400 per month
In addition to our normal shows, we'll release a monthly episode focused exclusively on listener feedback.
Prize Support
$750 per month
We'll start doing giveaways and running contests.
Video Shows
$2,000 per month
We'll live-stream and release video podcasts in addition to the audio-only versions.
The ForceCast Meet-Up
$2,500 per month
We'll host a day-long fan meet-up somewhere in the Washington D.C. area.

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Welcome to The ForceCast's Patreon page!

What is The ForceCast?

The ForceCast is a weekly Star Wars podcast associated with and  It is the flagship show of the ForceCast podcast network.  We are not affiliated with Disney or Lucasfilm.

Each week we bring you the latest news and discussion on all things Star Wars.  We also conduct interviews with cast and crew members, best-selling authors, voice actors, and other notable people.  

Why do we have a Patreon page?

The ForceCast will always remain free to all listeners.  However, we'd like to give something back to those who help support our costs and hard work.  Patreon is a great system for handling donations in a way that lets us give something back to our listeners.

Think of this as "Paypal meets Kickstarter."  You can pledge to make a monthly donation of any amount.  The more you give, the more we give back.

Please note that the milestones will be available to all listeners—not just those who pledge.  And our podcast will always remain free.

We thank you for your support!  May the Force be with you!

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