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We are at a crucial point in history. Science and Technology are developing exponentially fast, which creates unfathomable opportunities for our future. But it also poses significant challenges - some of them threatening humanity’s very existence. The Foresight Institute guides and supports the development of transformative technologies to unlock humanity’s potential for flourishing futures.

We gather thinkers who work at the forefront of innovation for the benefit of life, and the biosphere, and we share their ideas with the world so that everyone, everywhere, can use these ideas to build flourishing, long term futures. By supporting our work you are supporting the production and distribution of our big level expertise podcast and videos & lecture summaries for nanotechbiotech and computation.

Foresight runs these cross-disciplinary programs to help speed up the research, advance, and governance of maturing technologies for the long-term benefit of life and the biosphere: nanotechnology for building better materials, biotech for longer and healthier lives, and computer science for improving human-ai cooperation.

The future is not a given. It’s not something to be predicted. The future is a decision, something to be built. For the last 35 years, Foresight Institute has been supporting those shaping the edge of science and tech innovation. Cypherpunks, smart contract, prediction markets, and more: we were there when they were born. This is the legacy that we are currently building on: one of true Foresight.

Fund great futures by supporting Foresight.

On our Patreon page you can choose for yourself what monthly donation you would like to make. If you are interested in other donation options (and what benefits we offer with them) you can visit our website at

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