ForestCreekMeadows is creating a digital CSA with your recommended weekly ration of nature

Presence of nature

$3 /mo
Every month you will have access to 3 x 3 images from our habitat in rural northern Romania. 3 nature photos, 3 photos of what we are currently doing, and 3 bonus pictures. Print them out, or not, ...

Great things happen around 9

$9 /mo
If you wish to transcend photos and experience the universal flow in color, sound and all its freshness, we will be filming life as it unfurls around us - 5 minutes of peacefulness at a time. Babbl...

Weekly ration of nature

$27 /mo
Let us nourish your mind, body and spirit with the natural world that surrounds us, day by day, week by week! Once a week (with 5 images each time) we will virtually satiate your desire for spendin...

Connection on a deeper level

$81 /mo
We know you have burning questions to ask (how did you end up in a foreign country, why do you choose to live closer to nature, what sparked your interest in gardening, homesteading, etc.) and we h...

For the love of words

$243 /mo
Homesteading, foraging, decluttering, living a sustainably simple life, minimalism, eco-friendly materials and plastic-free alternatives...

Cheryl's freelance writing can be featured...


Seriously curious

$729 /mo
Let us mentor you - and your family - into sustainable living, in the most genuine sense. Our personal experiences will be yours to learn from and act upon. With green principles that are unparalle...