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ForeverLDS is a podcast hosted by Chris Heimerdinger (Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites, Passage to Zarahemla) celebrating the doctrines, history, scholarship, news and other issues related to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Subscribers on Patreon  will have access to programs and products that are unique, including: 

1. Free books and other products.

2. Exclusive sections of, including my Professional Storyteller's Workshop. 

3. Access to music and video clips presently unavailable to the public. 

4. Audio clips of the "Chapter Notes" from Tennis Shoes Volumes 8-12. Those who normally listen to the audio books are well aware that these notes are not included in my narration. Now, you won't miss a thing.

7. Additional surprises over time.

FROM CHRIS HEIMERDINGER: For many years I've been a "staple" of the LDS creative community with novels like the "Tennis Shoes Adventure Series" and films like Passage to Zarahemla

When I first started publishing in this religious market, I saw it as a "steppingstone" to the national market. I got a taste of that when A Return to Christmas was published by Random House, but realized I could never create anything that compromised my standards as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our culture is so unique; our heritage so rich. I looked in the mirror and decided, "If virtually everything I ever create is exclusively for members of the Restored Church, that's okay."

With the help of my programmer, Jared Buttars, ForeverLDS was launched in 2015. I soon learned that quality is defined by time--Time for research, editing, and in many other areas. This podcast is now a driving force in my creative life, as well as a natural place to blow off steam, be (occasionally) ridiculous, and discuss news on other projects.  

Patrons like you can insure our QUALITY, RELIABILITY, and CONSISTENCY. I'm still surprised that so few podcasts celebrate the most fascinating aspects of the Restored Gospel. There seems to be no shortage of ANTI-Latter-day Saint podcasts, or those that try to psychoanalyze members. What about podcasts that are just entertaining, informative, and inspiring while remaining fiercely loyal to our doctrines? I am satisfied with the tenets of D&C 1:30, that this is the only true church on the face of the whole earth with which the Lord is well-pleased. Truth sets us free. It compels us to explore the limits of human intelligence and imagination. That's our objective at ForeverLDS.    

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