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This is the lowest tier but it still helps a lot :) 

with this tier i send you 5 forever Positive stickers and I’ll give you a shoutout on my Instagram every month @forever_positive_official

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With this tier you will get 10 forever Positive stickers a shout out on my instagram and you will get added to my forever Positive private Snapchat story that gives you access exclusive content like what game I’ll play on stream and the random things I do when I’m not on stream




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About Forever Positive

I’m a super small streamer spreading the message of love and positivity through playing video games by myself or with my friends. I made a Patreon so I could get more equipment and make my streams better and more entertaining for you. With Your help I will be able to spread my message of love and positivity through merch like sweatshirts, t-shirts, pop sockets, stickers, etc.

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