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About Forgotten Adventures

Welcome to the Forgotten Adventures! 

We are a small team of passionate artists, we draw assets, tokens, and battlemaps for use in Virtual Tabletop RPGs (FoundryVTT, Roll20 etc.). We are currently only focused on producing things in the fantasy genre.
We have a number of ongoing projects, notably the goal to draw every 5e creature from the MM. We are also supplying the SRD tokens for use in FoundryVTT’s 5e system.
In addition to producing content we also run giveaways and regular mapmaking contests.

Tenets & Ideals

It is our goal to produce high quality, versatile, and inclusive assets that are accessible to GMs and players for use in TTRPGs. We also highly value our community and seek to keep them involved with the content that we produce.
  • High quality. We draw in a detailed semi-realistic/painted top-down style that we match between assets, maps, and tokens. It is important to us that all the things we draw work well together. We recognize that as we grow as artists our style will improve and change. We do our best to update old assets that we feel no longer meet the quality and standard of our current style.
  • Versatility. We make assets and textures that are specifically designed to let users easily make and decorate their own maps. We offer tilesets for our terrain feature assets, as well as release Clip Studio brush files for these assets. Clip files of battlemaps and tokens are also available. The faces of humanoid character tokens are purposefully not shown to allow for additional versatility.
  • Inclusiveness. Table top RPGs are for everyone, and we want to make sure that we produce assets for everyone as well. We strive to make sure there is equal representation in our humanoid tokens of all genders and races, and avoid cultural appropriation in our designs. We also strive to ensure our community spaces are open and welcoming to all.
  • Accessibility. Accessibility is important to us, and we try and make sure that most of our content is available free for personal use. The original color version of all assets and tokens will always be freely available. A number of people have shown interest in using our assets commercially, so we also provide licenses for that.
  • Community. We have a wonderfully dedicated following for our art, and it is important to us to stay active and involved with them. We maintain a fairly active Discord where we show off what we are currently working on, invite community feedback, and answer questions and give help when asked. We also run mapmaking contests and do giveaways to give back to the community.

How does it work? 

If you are new to Patreon, this website allows you to make small donations "pledges" per month or per creation to your favorite content creators, artists etc. 

  • Choose one of the pledge tiers:
    3$, 5$ or 10$ per creation (Tile set, Asset pack, Map etc.),  Our usual schedule is 3-6 releases per month. 

  • Setup a Maximum Monthly Pledge($3 per month minimum):
    Even if I release more content than usual, you won't be billed over your set maximum amount that you are comfortable with.
  • Cancel any time:
    You can also remove your pledge at any time without any consequences.  You only pay what you want, whenever you want.
  • You are only charged for the new releases while you are a patron.

Example: If you join the Scholar (3$) tier for example, you would be charged one time at the beginning of the next month, 3$ for each pack we released the previous month.

We make 3-5 releases a month, but you can cap the number of releases you support during sign up (ex. you could cap at 2 releases, and would be charged 6$.)

Capping the number of releases you support does not effect your access to content. Someone who caps at 1 and pays 3$/month gets the same content as someone who doesn’t cap and pays ~12$. Access to the back-catalogue is likewise not effected by capping.

Best way to browse and download our content is through our website:

You can also support us by other means, for example by joininig the community on our Discord Server. Where you can get sneak peaks, post feedback, suggestions and ideas that are truly invaluable to us :) 

But also simply following and spreading the word on social media and other websites is very important and helps a lot! 

Other places where you can get our content and support our work: 

For more information and FAQ please check out:

Hope to see you around!

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