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As a portion of gratitude, you can send me names of 2 lenses per month (modern, equipped with electronic chip) you want to be added/updated first. They are added to  the beginning of the lens list priority # 2. 

Not mentioning you get ad-free premium account for the period of patronage. Just to make you experience as good as it can be. 




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About Ivan Neverbe

Today we share an open IT world of opportunities. But as it happened in pre-Internet world we mostly have to rely on other people’s opinion rather than getting straightforward experience in the first place. It's now the main aim of current day to bring world closer to people.

Why does photography need a sidekick?

Internet is full of lens reviews, built upon myriads of technical specs. But does this second-hand experience share any perspectives for your taste and style? Reading MTF curves all night long not gonna help make photos you'll adore for decades.

Lens is photographer's eye. Most of us worship them, but what do we really KNOW about their qualities? We have split conscience - we trust experst but we rarely evaluate our own experience. We prefer to nag on forums after buying a lens we don't like.

Truth to be said: technologies are so advanced that there are no technically bad lenses on the market. There are only those that do not match our taste and make life awkward selling them full price.

What are the obstacles for photo creativity?

There are seas of optics in this world. There is not enough of a lifetime to test them all.

Every photographer has its own style, crave for some picture types, and lens either fits in or not. Reviews host finite number of example photos and you cannot properly evaluate artistic qualities.
Lens visualization will help to overcome different bias types:

- Word bias. People try to read about optics, find what they like, but photography is straight image-to-brain operation. There are no words in this game. You have to justify visually. In the world of photography all people are mute.

- Brand bias. Brand stands for itself and for the cheerful crowd of its supporters. It's about joining club but not about becoming better. On the other hand getting lens of century old posh brand won’t make any harm, but instead one could have got 2-3 optic tramps which would give a punch to creativity and peak your emotions like never before.

- Personal bias. We all share a common situation: when making photos, there are no bad feelings about lens, but somehow you rarely use it and have no intention to further break ice in relations. Why? Your eye has no crave for these lens. Your photographic mojo suffers.

To get rid of all these crutches and cure lens obsession I created service that gives opportunity to blind-test lenses and find one that truly suits The Eye. Yeah, it's that simple: no names policy until you find your true optic love.

And just to keep head cool: no test can give 100% insurance, but it brings you closer to the point, where it's easier to decide. In that situation it's as good as it can be.

My project is already on wheels and can be joyfully experienced at https://formato.space

Why does this project needs financial support?

This project ate half-a-year of time. I had to take all the hard decisions to keep making it.

Moreover, now when all the hardest things are done, it's all about routine grind. Without extra help it will go but at a very slow pace.

Why does this project is better than any other present? It's not about comparing lenses, it's about getting truth what you like, and what you don't. That's may seem to be a hard way, but only true one as I belive.

I have no intention to sell you lens. I have to wish impose my point of view. I want to bring visual experience to the next level, make your eyes more catchy and refine your view of all those advertising crap.

What lies ahead?

I add a couple of lens a day. It's easy to make it faster, because I have multi-layer robotic system that searches for photos, eliminates duplicates, fakes, low-resolution shots and does 50 more rounds of boring stuff. While it may look slow, but that's how it has to be to forge a database where at least 90% of test photos are good from the beginning.

But still there is a long path for those who have guts to walk.

I wish to implement more functions (besides lens compare) that will give a huge boost to visual experience:
- lens guess quiz. you try to guess which lens was used to make this photo. Basically it's an eye training for those who want to. Testing on pros showed very interesting results - most overestimate their eye and at first fail dramatically.
- lens advice bot, that could study your tastes and guess which lens you will like better next.

I have already created both algorithms, but lack time to bring to them to life in fast fashion.

Life should be a purely your choice, test the site, make a decision.

If you feel that this idea make your photo experience better and want to take part there could be ways of supporting, including:
- becoming patreon, dropping dime to help me focus on this project (that is very important when first enthusiasm is gone).
- uploading images on Flickr.com with explicit exif tags and sending a link. All photos must be more than 2500 px size on short side.

What can I can give in return:

1. Premium accounts without ads.
2. Getting lenses you want to (if it is not easy for all the lenses, I plan to make an order-service to test and upload photos for manual and rare).
3. Your point of view will be heard, your name (if you want) will be written in the Credits->Thanks section and will live as long as this site.

And to prove my hardcore image - my gallery @t Flickr.

There is also twitter channel that is used as news feed.

Thanks for all your help. It's all about our decisions - they can change world for better or for worse.

$0 of $300 per month
Simple goal to make project working faster. Instead adding/updating of 5-10 per week I will have capability to make 10-20, focusing on picked by patrons.
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