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About FORTHE Long Beach

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We have a vision we believe in. We need your help to make it real.

FORTHE is a radically democratic art-media collective that seeks to strengthen the Long Beach community by providing platforms for watchdog journalism, diverse narratives, and artistic expression.

Our organization is owned and operated collectively by our staff through a co-op model of funding. We rely on grants and crowd-sourced donations, such as your subscription here today via Patreon.

Why Patreon?

We chose Patreon because it streamlines our ability to accept small, recurring donations. As a local grassroots organization, we know we need the continuous support of our community to exist. Patreon allows us to not have to hassle our supporters every fundraising cycle for another donation, since donations automatically recur on a monthly basis. This gives us a much more predictable budget month-to-month, and enables us to plan for the future with much more confidence and care.

Patreon is also particularly useful for FORTHE because we will always be free to read and free from ads. We believe charging for access to information is unhealthy for democracy, and we believe advertisements are corrupting and unethical: they disrupt our thinking from page-to-page, click-to-click, and create conflicts of interest for muckraking journalists, especially on local matters. (And we have our eyes on the local muck.)

Patreon allows us to avoid the risk of large business donations that may restrict our voice, and helps us reserve column inches and digital space for creation, not ads. This platform connects us directly to our readership, making it easy for you, with a few clicks, to support our vision with a small amount each month.

Finally, our staff is driven, but small. We would prefer to spend our hours pursuing the vision of FORTHE directly, rather than spend them fundraising year-round. Patreon provides a platform for subscriptions, and we provide a platform for Long Beach.

Why donations?

We believe our creations do not belong to us, but to the community we serve. People have a right to access culture, to access journalism, to access art, to access their local media outlets, without worrying about annoying ads or pay-walls.

We do not want to privilege anyone based on the amount they can give, so the rewards for each donation level are the same. No special access, influence, or power will be given. We encourage our subscribers to support us with whatever amount is comfortable. This means less large donations, and much more small ones. We like it that way. :)

We all pitch in what we can, and in return our entire community gets a sustainable, grassroots publication made of, by, and for the people of Long Beach. When you support us today, that is the dream you are helping create.

So don't be afraid to give $5. Give $1 if that's your budget right now. Give $10 or $20 if you can. Whatever your subscription level, know that you are participating in a necessary project that will strengthen and serve our beautiful community.

(*Any donor who gifts over $1,000 in a calendar year will have their name included in our public list of donors as per our Donor Transparency Policy.*)


The inspiration for this project came from the underground newspapers of the 60s, the shoe-string budget art magazines of Berlin, and the recent dismantling of independent weeklies.

Local, fact-based journalism is facing an existential threat. The old models of funding are becoming obsolete. Newspapers are at this moment being starved by their corporate and hedge fund financiers, who have transformed media organizations into instruments of profit instead of public good.

Additionally, media has long-suffered from a lack of diverse voices. Our editorial process is deliberately horizontal and inclusive of a variety of experiences and identities. Each member of our staff informs our editorial perspective. Decisions are made collectively.

This consciously democratic process allows us to focus on underrepresented narratives in our city, with the explicit goal of creating a more compassionate politics. We want to challenge how social issues are framed and who gets to frame them.

We are also a platform for Long Beach artists to showcase their work. Politics, art, and culture are distinct, but not separate. We want our experiences in each to inform our work in the others by encouraging constant collaborating and cross-pollinating. This also means taking media outside of the digital realm by creating guerrilla/performance art based on work we publish or issues we face.

Why now?

To survive the 21st Century, local media must be innovative, not-for-profit, and supported cooperatively by the community it serves. This is our purpose. FORTHE is an experiment in publishing, politics, and social organizing. We cannot rely on large funds from corporate backers. We need your support because our model is firmly grassroots, and it therefore immediately threatens privilege and power.

Your subscription keeps us sustainable.

Your subscription keeps us strong.

Your subscription proves that this can work.

Thank you, Long Beach.

In love and solidarity,

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$100 dollars a month helps us pay our website developer for the terrific job done on our website! Since this is the main way we share our work at the moment, this is crucial! (View previous goals to see the progress we've made so far!)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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