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About Fortune's Wheelhouse

"Symbols belong to everyone."
Thank you for joining us at Fortune's Wheelhouse, a free podcast about esoterics and the tarot!  You can find our show on iTunesGoogle PlayStitcherPodbean, or wherever you download podcasts.  Episodes are released on Wednesdays here on Patreon for our subscribers, and on Thursdays to the general public. At our RedBubble store, you can find Fortune's Wheelhouse T-shirts, tote bags, mugs, stickers, and lots more - perfect gifts for yourself or your favorite esoteric tarot nerd.

We are taking a journey through the mysteries of the tarot, its symbolism and lore, starting with the imagery of the 22 major arcana.  Whether you've been reading tarot for decades or you just picked up your first Rider-Waite-Smith deck last week, we hope you'll join us.  Why does the Empress wear a crown of 12 stars?  Why is the Thoth deck's Hierophant sitting on a giant bull? Symbols belong to everybody, but they don't explain themselves!  We'll do our best to unpack and decode what you see on the card, so you can deepen your own interpretations and develop your fluency as a reader.

If you are new to tarot or esoterics, you'll hear a lot of terms that may sound unfamiliar - "Tree of Life,"  "sephiroth,"  "color scales", "Orphic egg", "Kether".  You can find explanatory posts, definitions, and glossaries here, much of it free and all of it available to subscribers.  It's one-stop shopping for your tarot education!

What's Patreon?
Patreon is a way for you to have a DIY subscription to your favorite shows and creators.  Yes, our podcast is free and always will be.  But...want to learn more, much more, about esoterics and the tarot? Interested in exclusive Fortune's Wheelhouse benefits and features?  Become our patron!  Patreon lets you participate at whatever level you choose, starting at a dollar per episode.  With each level you gain access to added site features and benefits.

We also offer weekly giveaways. What do we have for our giveaways, you ask? So glad you asked!
  • tarot decks
  • tarot cases
  • tarot art prints
  • tarot books
  • esoteric perfumes...and more!
*Everyone is eligible for our weekly giveaways. $3 level and higher patrons are automatically entered, as we have your contact info on file. Everyone else can write in using the contact form - we'll need your full name, mailing address, email address and episode number to enter you in the drawing.

Who are we?
Fortune's Wheelhouse is the brainchild of Sagittarian Mel Meleen and Virgo Susie Chang. Fortune's Wheelhouse, the name, combines the tarot card for Jupiter,  the ruler of Sagittarius (Wheel of Fortune) with the Hebrew letter for Mercury, the ruler of Virgo (Beth, meaning house). The astrological chart for our launch has the rising degree with the Sabian symbol "Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows." Perfect for two tarot nerds unpacking a whole lot of esoteric symbolism!

Fortune's Wheelhouse now has a book jointly written by Susie and Mel, called Tarot Deciphered: Decoding Esoteric Symbolism in Modern Tarot available direct from publisher Llewellyn, Amazon, or your favorite book source.

 Susie picked up her first tarot deck in 1996 because she was "just curious," little realizing she was embarking on the journey of a lifetime.  In the years between then and now she has held down legitimate work as a book editor, sustainability advocate, cookbook reviewer, author, and writing teacher - all the while keeping her ongoing tarot activity tucked neatly in the closet.  A couple of years ago the closet door burst open, unleashing a veritable tsunami of tarot.  She now reads tarot weekly at the Inspirit Crystals shop in Northampton and sells hand-sewn tarot cases and esoteric perfumes at her Etsy shop, Tarotista. Her book, Tarot Correspondences: Ancient Secrets for Everyday Readers is available online and at bookstores everywhere.  She also hosts an online tarot class, The Living Tarot, which is open to readers of all levels anywhere in the world.  

 Mel considers herself an "astral surfer", more of a mystic than a scholar; the inside of your head is bigger than you think and wormholes are everywhere! Hamlet sums it up well: "I could be bounded in a nutshell, and consider myself a King of infinite space." She developed an interest in all things esoteric at a very young age and once she discovered Crowley's vast universe of writings everything changed. For they are like tube torus or Mobius: infinite and ever revolving, and each time through a new passage can open up all sorts of possibilities. A lifetime isn't enough! Mel has created two tarot decks and two tarot guidebooks. The Rosetta Tarot and Book of Seshet were first attempts, but along the way things expanded so drastically that she had to do it again as suddenly there was so much more to say. Thus the Tabula Mundi Tarot and Book M:Liber Mundi were created to share her new perspective. With that revolution of the wheel things expanded again as the maors of Pharos Tarot and the book Spectrum Fari, and that wasn't enough; she is now happily at work on a new tarot as the tree flowers again. To learn more about tarot works past present and future, visit her blog, or purchase her decks and books at Or check out her decks and books as apps:

Tabula Mundi/Book M: Liber Mundi - on iTunes or Google Play
Rosetta/Book of Seshet - on iTunes or Google Play

Susie and Mel live in western Massachusetts, about 45 minutes away from each other, but knew nothing of each other and their shared fascination with esoterics till 2015, when they were introduced, ironically, by a fellow tarot lover living on the opposite side of the planet.  They now happily babble on for hours about emanations, color scales, and Hermanubis while their spouses, pets, and children flee the environs.
$211 - reached! per episode
Once we reach $211 (the number of HRU, the Angel of Tarot!) per episode, we'll commit to continuing the series right through the 56 Minor Arcana, making our 78-card tarot journey complete.
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