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Mineral of the Month (US only)

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per month
Every month you'll receive a mineral specimen and an information card about the mineral. 
- The mineral will be small, less than an inch across, but will be very interesting and probably pretty shiny. 
- Examples of some line ups: Topaz from Utah, Smokey Quartz or Amazonite from Colorado, Herkimer Diamond Quartz from New York.
- The information card will tell about the mineral, some history, and have information about the locality. 
- Includes shipping within the US

Pictured is a 1 cm Herkimer Diamond from NY that I might send. 
  • A mineral a month!

Mineral and Gem of the Month (US only)

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per month
First, you get the mineral of the month. 

In addition to that, you get a gemstone or a cabochon!
- Every month you'll be mailed a faceted gemstone, or a polished cabochon.
- Gemstones will vary in size, ranging from 5 mm to 1 cm, from 0.2 cts to 3+ ct. This is a wide range because the variety of sizes based on value. A nice emerald 5 mm wide is worth the same as a 2 cm amethyst. I'll send you something interesting. Gemstones include Topaz, Amethyst, Citrine, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphires, etc. 
- Cabochons will also range in size from 1 - 3 cm and weigh up to 20+ carats. Same thing, size ranges depend on the original value. Cabochons will include opal from various localities, turquoise, and a variety of polished stones. 
- Short information card will be included with each. 
- US Shipping included. 

* The Tier picture shows a 5 x 3 mm pink tourmaline I might send.
  • A mineral a month!
  • Gem of the Month!

Curated Specimen of the Month (US only)

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per month
First you get the mineral and gem of the month.

In addition, you get a very nice mineral specimen that's worthy of display!
- This will be a sizeable specimen, ranging from 1 to 4 inches across. 
- The specimen will be showy, you can have it on your desk or in a display cabinet. 
- Included a label for display and an additional label with background information about the mineral and locality. 
- Based on your preferences. Do you like a certain color? Do you like a certain class of minerals? Do you want shiny? Let me know. 
- Potential specimens include: nice Amethyst clusters from Uruguay, Large smokey quartz from Brazil, Pyrite cubes in matrix from Spain, Fluorite clusters from New Mexico, etc. 
- Includes shipping within the US

Pictured is a 4 cm grape agate from Indonesia that's a possible candidate. 
  • A mineral a month!
  • Gem of the Month!
  • Curated Mineral Specimen




per month



Many of you know me as Fossillocator on twitter, but I'm also a mineral locator. I wrote the book 50 State Fossils and have an upcoming book on 50 State Gems and Minerals. I decided to start a mineral-of-the-month club to help people build their mineral collections at home. I will write up and include educational information with every specimen to help people learn more about the history of minerals and gemstones. 

Currently only shipping to the US only. 

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