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Old buildings are blank canvases. Let's put them to work for Jefferson City.

I'm Suzanne Luther, founder of Four Quarters Art House. I love restoring old buildings, and I'm passionate about using my gifts to give back to my community.

While old homes and businesses sit vacant, this city is POPPING with potential. 

Artists need places to show their work and meet new patrons and collaborators.

Business owners need spaces to get their start.

Visitors to Jeff City need things to do.

Why can't we connect those dots?

Four Quarters Art House is a business driven by a vision: A cycle of community healing, where old and unused buildings get facelifts, artists contribute paintings and sculpture to the space, and small business owners move in to make their own visions thrive.

Along the way, the FQAH network shares resources (of talent, money, and more) with nonprofits that stabilize situations for homeless youth.

Where do you come in?
When you become a backer of FQAH, you join along for the ride with early access to updates and special invitations to events.

What do you get?
Early and exclusive bonus access to Art House TV! It's our new series! You can see our highlights and horrors of remodeling, and get exposed to all the talented local artists in our network.

We also have events, and you'll be the first to be invited and get on a VIP guest list (and/or discount codes for the tickets).

Where does my money go?
  • We intend to employ videographers to tell your city's artistic story!
  • We have sponsored house concerts in the past, and we hope to do more! All original music, right here in Cole County.
  • We are connected to charitable nonprofits that want to bring art into the work they do. We are also connected to muralists and art teachers who can contribute. If we get enough Patreon funds, we can make this a win-win for both artists and nonprofits.
  • We'll be blogging about how the whole process is going. Patreon backing will afford us a little time to keep documenting.

What's the first step? 

With one flagship house being renovated for multiple art and business uses, FQAH earns money from sources outside the community — dollars that otherwise would never have been put into local charities. That's how we multiply funding for nonprofits.

We need community support to spread the word. And we believe a small amount of money can make a big difference.

Thank you for joining us!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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