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Hall of Honor

$1 /mo
♥  Lovely Thanks for your tiny support that helps me uploading free chapter and illustrations. Your name will be tagged in the Hall of Honor  ♥  Von Herzen kommendes Dankeschön für deine kleine Unt...


$4 /mo
♥ Rewards from lower tiers + exclusive illustrations (doodles, sketches, illus, full versions, Epos Illus, etc) ♥ Alle Rewards davor + Exklusiv Illustrationen (Skizzen, Illus, Vollversionen, Epos I...

Manga Early & Exclusive Access

$5 /mo
♥ Rewards from lower tiers + new manga chapter early access (double amount of exclusive chapter) ♥ Alle Rewards davor + neue Mangakapitel sofort nach Fertigstellung (doppelt so viele exklusive Mang...

Choriels Jars

$6 /mo
♥ Rewards from lower tiers + background information about the 4I universe, expositions, making ofs, behind the scenes (two third of the content is exclusive) ♥ Alle Rewards davor + Hintergrund Info...

PDF Downloads & Reward Bibliothek

$15 /mo
♥ Rewards from lower tiers + PDF downloads for manga chapter and epos chapter + passwort to a library sorted according to topic ♥ Alle Rewards davor + Mangakapiteln und Eposkapiteln als PDF-Downloa...


$20 /mo
♥ Rewards from lower tiers + everything in the 4i Shop 50% off ♥ Alle Rewards davor + alles im 4i Shop für die Hälfte    

Free Commissions

$25 /mo
♥ (Unlock after 4 months) Rewards from lower tiers + free colored commossion ♥ (Freischaltung nach 4 Monaten) Alle Rewards davor + kostenlose Commission