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About Fourth Wall Games

Hello everybody. I am Fourth Wall Games and I create high quality 1080p 60fps and 2160p (4K) 60fps gaming videos on YouTube.. but as you are here you probably already knew that.

Why Patreon?

So why do I have a Patreon page and what am I using it for?  I currently upload all of my videos on YouTube and all of those videos have adverts on them. Everyone hates adverts and there is no guarantee that YouTube will last forever. So I have set up this Patreon page for 2 reasons. Firstly it gives you guys a direct way to support me, secondly it will help me move away from the reliance on YouTube's adverts, ultimately it will allow me to remove adverts from the YouTube channel and host the videos on my own servers (of course they will still be uploaded to YouTube). This means that if for whatever reason YouTube shuts down, all my videos will still be available online.

Patreon Rewards:
I appreciate each and every donation, no matter how big or small your donation you will be able to put your own input into the channel and help me with decisions and even suggest new games to play. The amount you donate does not effect your input, everyone will be treated the same and get the same rewards / input.

I would just like to clarify that all pledges are completely optional and I will NEVER charge for any of my content. I appreciate every person that views my content whether you are a Patreon pledger or not. So thank you for supporting me in doing what I love.
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  • Access to the Patreon feed where you can have direct contact with me.
  • Have input into the channel and help to pick games to play, can also suggest new ones!
  • That is pretty much everything!
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  • You get everything above but obviously have too much money and so want to give some extra away.

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  • Exactly 0 people will do this, if it says that someone has then there is clearly a bug in the system. You get the same as above, but feel extra special!
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