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If you skipped history class, don't worry - we'll fill you in.  They were a political dynasty who rose to power in late 14th Century Florence.  One of the things they were best known for (besides assassinations) was their investments in patronage of the arts.  Some of their most famous artists? Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, & Galileo Galilei.  

The Medicis supported causes that they believed in by investing in their long-term success.  We want you to be our Medicis (without all the murder).  The best way you can support independent progressive media like The Richard Fowler Show is by sharing a small donation to help us cover our expenses.  If you like our videos and you would like us to continue to produce more quantity with greater quality, consider becoming a patron.  We release 5 videos EVERY DAY on topics including progressive news, social justice, current events, entertainment, pop culture, and just straight up weird stuff.  

If you are sick of corporate media and recognize The Richard Fowler Show as a viable alternative, take a moment to consider what that is worth to you.  If we can raise $600 per month, that will cover half of our monthly expenses.  We will continue to create great content for you no matter what, but we believe that with your help the sky is the limit on what we can build together!

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