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For only 2$ and your social security number, you officially become a Patron for the channel! You're also...

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With a small price of 5$ a month you can become an BOOP BOP BOI! (I honestly dont know what a "book bop boi" is... just roll with it). Not only are you a Boop Bop Boi, but you also...

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Congrats, for only 10$ a month you can become a Defaulty Boi! Your life just peaked! Its all downhill from here! Aside from being a Defaulty Boi, you also get...

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About Foxman

Hi Everyone, as you probably know, my name is Foxman and welcome to my Patreon page! When I first started YouTube back in 2018 I never thought that my life would be transformed by the site. YouTube has connected me with thousands of amazing people, and taught me many new things. Although I may not have a large number of subscribers, I truly do care about doing the best job that I possibly can on my videos and provide the most entertaining content to my audience.

Where does Patreon Come Into Play?
For content creators, they know that being solely reliant on YouTube revenue is a dangerous business. There are unfortunately a lot of hiccups including false flaggings, demonetization, and the pressure of getting enough views. It can be a tricky business spending hours creating a video, and still not getting enough traffic to gain a respectable income. 

By becoming a Patreon for the channel, that pressure lessens significantly and I can feel more freely to post something that will help people even if the views are not great. This is a great opportunity for me to explore different content on the channel with some help from my fans.

Thank you sooo much, if you decide to help me out!
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Face Reveal! Either when we hit 100$, or when we hit 10k. Lets see what comes first :p
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