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About Fem-Power Amazons Cinematic

New since Oct. 2019 - New content every few days to build up a stock and then a new video at least every week.

Bad Girls - Good girls - Really Bad girls - Romantic Girls
- Realistic Flexing - Muscle Growth - Storytelling - NSFW -

Muscle Girls with never seen muscle flexing and muscle behavior in animations before.

Key Features:

  • Up to 35 Muscles bulging and flexing (e.g. Bulging, shaking quads while walking, biceps flexing)
  • Motion Captured body animations
  • Ripped veiny body skins
  • Big Bouncing Tits 
  • Partly lipsync talking (commissioned voice over female artists)

This is a merger of VR-Amazons (animations, environment, film-making) and  Fem Power eXtreme (many of the muscle girl models),  the only muscle girl VR experience and the best female muscle models in town.  Scenes are rendered, similar to game cut scenes, out of a game engine and then go to editing and an effortful post production.
VR-Amazons is in development for more than 4 years now, so I can fallback to lot of experience and a great environment creating the videos. Many thousand lines of code is written. Just the script for muscle behavior and breathing has about 1500 lines and still gets improved. The eye / eyelid / head movement script is based on scientific findings, and simulates real person behavior.
Tigersan from Fem Power eXtreme developed his models over many years.
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