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Me and you are house hunting warriors. 


  • Each new patron is shipped a welcome postcard-size paper print with the floor plan of a film house painted by me.

Posts are gonna be about:

  • The process of research and discovery regarding the house in a current film I am working on: where is the house, is it a famous house, how many films have been shot in it, did I make a new friendship with the production designer or may be even the director of the film (yes sometimes they are super cool and super friendly and supportive), my thoughts on the architecture.

  • Pencil sketches marking the start of the process on the blank sheet of paper. I show here different 3d view points of the house which you can’t see anywhere else. 

  • Photos of the watercolor painting process

  • I show you the finished painting with some thoughts on the architecture

  • Some other stuff interesting to you. Just name it 
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  • Guys, you are amazing. I will dance my way to the post office every single month and I will send you always different signed by me postcard-size print of a movie house I have painted. And your collection will only be growing. Thank you so much!
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  • You order a film with a special house in it to become the next painting in Floor Plan Croissant's collection. I make research and say if it is possible to be done. If it is, I draw a painting and send you the original.

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My name is Boryana Ilieva, I am an architect or I used to be an architect. After ten years of practice one morning in 2015 I just sat down and sketched the plan of an apartment I saw in a movie. I watch films like crazy. More than 400 movies per year, 70% of them brand new. And I can’t stop taking architecture out of films now. I named the project Floor Plan Croissant (don’t ask).

is a membership platform that helps me provide a sustainable income while having the chance to fully dedicate myself to the creation process of painting floor plans of kick-ass film houses. It also allows you, my friends, to connect with me and the act of hunting, sketching, painting, whining and bragging. The process of my project is rich and intense, but lonely and I will be damn happy to shout out about it in front of pals who care about new films and architecture in them. 
You can choose the level of membership you like: $5 or $20 per month. In both cases I send to your home a signed welcome post card with a film house I painted, in the second case (the $20 one) I send it every month. Apart from these two options, any support is greatly appreciated!

Read more in the Tiers section.

Thank you!

All yours,
Boryana Ilieva (ex-architect)

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 57 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 57 exclusive posts

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