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Hiya! Thank you so much for checking out my Patreon page!

My name is France Papillon and I'm a mixed media art journaling artist, designer and teacher.

As I consider boosting your creative self-confidence to be my mission, connecting with my community is essential. And that's where Patreon comes in:
  • Following an artist on Patreon means you will always get to see all of their public posts for free, in chronological order, unlike Facebook and Instagram where popularity sets the rules.
  • I also see Patreon as a way for people to help sustain my ability and freedom to create content and bump my production schedule, free of marketing interest and focussed on my mission: your creative self-confidence!

Every dollar you pledge (you can join for as little as $1/ month and every dollar counts!) will go directly to the production of more and better content for everyone.  It will allow me to set up a real studio, with better equipment for hight quality videos. But more importantly, it will allow me to step away from behind the scenes work (paperwork, organizing and administration) and to get more in front of the camera, creating and talking with you! 

"I have now been a Patreon supporter for over 2 months. I have learned more cool things from France in our weekly hangouts than in just watching her amazing videos. She takes the time to answer all questions and hear the hangouts ro whatever we want. We have witnessed a complete journal spread, a tag and discussed the basics of media inks, gessos and crackle pastes to name a few. We all get shout outs in the hangouts, too. If you want to experience more fun stuff, join the patreon page for France Pappillon and become one of her Butterflies!!❤❤"
Sharron Casados

"France is an outstanding artist who manages to make art journaling both public and private at the same time. I receive far more as a patron than what I give financially, and our weekly hang-outs with her are fun, extremely informative, and like being part of a workshop community. Come and join us!"
Sandra Longthorp

"What can I say about being a Patron of France Papillon?
Firstly, this is one amazing and beautiful woman, inside and out. She is so inspirational that even my "non-crafting" hubby felt a need, after over 10 years of me saying "try it", to pick up a paintbrush and some DP and decorate a box for her. Now he's hooked and wants to learn how to do everything. No other artist has managed to get him crafting. Me - it was France that made me see the "WHY" about Art Journaling. I was always on the fence thinking it was a waste of time before this lady came into my life and opened my eyes.
Being a Patron of France has allowed me to really know the WHY behind so many things. Not just the Art Journaling but also about the different types of products there are on the market now.
The online hangouts with France and other people make me feel less isolated - there other like minded people out there - YAY. So easy to forget when the only other people you meet eg at work don't get why you come to work with paint/ink stains still visible although you might have showered twice already. There are so many pluses and no minuses I can think of as to "Why be a Patron" - so much so - I will be upping my subscription in the New Year."
Helen Angel-Cullum

So, thank you so much for your interest! I would love to invite you to join our amazing Butterfly community!

If Patronage sounds cool but isn’t something you can do right now, that’s okay! Keep enjoying my free videos!
Should you choose to support me, than I will see you on the Patron-only feed! (insert crazy bunny dance here!)
If you're already one of my Patrons: THANK YOU! Thank you for being the beautiful Butterfly that you are! <3
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I would like to amp up the number of videos I make available, to 3 weekly for my Patrons and to 2 weekly on youtube for everyone. That is 5 videos per week! This means I need to delegate more paper work and more editing work, I need to hire help accordingly so that I can focus on developing content and filming videos. These $1000 euro per month would allow me to do just that!
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