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Hey there, my name is François Leduc, aka François Leduc on the internet!! in my journey to improve my guitar playing I've always been looking for quality transcriptions of the best guitarists. But at some point I've realized that most of the transcriptions I was looking for were not available on the market or their accuracy wasn't so good. That's why I decided to put myself into work and do them by myself, and since, I am sharing them with the world on my YouTube channel!

Here's the deal...

For a modest 2$ contribution for each of my upcoming transcriptions you are getting:

  • Access to their multiple PDF versions including every possible combinations of notations. Tab & staff, staff & grids...
  • Free access to all new PDF transcriptions made over the 6 last months (Around 30 transcriptions)
  • Free transcriptions every months! All smaller projects are free bonus transcriptions that I am posting to thanks my 'Patreon' supporters. You only contribute for the big projects. (Usually 3 paid transcriptions per month)
  • Special access to 'patrons' only contents on my website, including etudes, worksheets and lessons on various subjects.
  • Vote on what transcriptions or lessons you would like to see next by participating polls.
  • And last but not least... Me!! Always ready to answer your questions on the transcriptions and discuss guitar or any other subject really! You can also participate in the materials by giving me comments or suggestions. I am taking notes of every suggestions although it would be impossible to do them all... but I'm really trying... believe me!

It goes without saying that I would greatly appreciate your support. I'll say it anyways though... I already feel grateful to all my actual and past patrons for helping me  in my jazz guitar documenting journey. Thank you! It's only because of their support that I can continue to create all this content and share it with the world!!  Don't hesitate to let me know if you have questions or suggestions!

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(I speak mainly in french so please may excuse my english)

Any question(s)?
Contact me at my e-mail address - [email protected] 
I'll be happy to answer your question(s).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 53 exclusive posts

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