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About Frank Elavsky

About me

Hi, I'm Frank and my pronouns are he/him. I'm a data visualization and accessibility engineer looking to push the boundaries of this space.

What I care about

Accessibility is critical to data visualization. But as this field has exploded in the past decade reaching into hundreds of millions of personal lives, countless business operations, and virtually every government in the world, very little groundwork has been laid to make this practice accessible. People need the power that data has to offer. Without access to tools, systems, interfaces, and applications that are driven by data -- people are systematically being excluded. The technological divide is growing into a data-access divide.  Accessibility is a human rights issue and it is time for data visualization to enter into this relatively uncharted space.


  1. I'm interested in producing tools and research that explore this space and hopefully lead to standardization (such as adoption by the W3C's  WCAG standards).
  2. I want to make it easier for designers, developers, managers, and accessibility specialists to make data visualizations more accessible. 
  3. I want to explore the potential in this space and be able to experiment with novel ideas alongside people with disabilities, taking a co-design approach whenever possible.

Current work:

  • Chartability: I have created an accessibility audit specific to data experiences called Chartability and I hope to expand these materials into training, examples, and improvements.
  • DatavizA11y: I am also facilitating a group called DatavizA11y that is working on advocacy and development in this space. 

Highlight from Outlier Conf 2021:

Talks and Workshops in this space (latest first):

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